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NovaMechanics has significant expertise on the development of software especially designed for the risk assessment, read across and grouping of small molecules and nanomaterials. NovaMechanics web services (Enalos Cloud Platform) are based solely on open source and in house software that were developed with the purpose of making in silico models available to the interested user wishing to generate evidence on potential biological effects in the decision making framework. These web services facilitate computer aided nanoparticles/ small molecules design as they can serve as a source of activity prediction for novel nano-structures and small molecules.

NovaMechanics’ product range includes:

(i) Enalos Cloud Platform: The company has significant experience in the development of web applications to enable labs and industrial companies to easily launch modelling, data analysis and simulation tasks on flexible cloud computing resources, in order to lower the barriers to entry to complex scientific calculations. Through Enalos Cloud Platform the in house in silico workflows can be made available online through web services with the purpose to make NovaMechanics’ predictive models available to the interested user wishing to generate evidence on potential effects in a decision making framework,

(ii) Enalos Suite that can package any predictive model developed by NovaMechanics in a completely custom made, platform independent, standalone  software.

(iii) Enalos+ Nodes for KNIME analytics platform which offer a wide range of cheminformatics, bioinformatics and nanoinformatics functionalities into KNIME to enhance the solution of big data analysis, personalized medicine, clinical trials, computer aided drug discovery and material science problems. The Enalos+ nodes are divided into 5 main categories: Modelling, Molecular Descriptors, NCIPubChem and UniChem

(iv) Enalos KNIME nodes (community nodes): NovaMechanics has released a set of Enalos KNIME Nodes (under Community Contributions): 1.Applicability Domain (APD) based on the Euclidean distances 2. Applicability Domain  based on the Leverages 3. Molecular Descriptors Calculation by Enalos Mold2 node and 4. Quality of Fit and Predictive Ability of a continuous QSAR Model


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