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Novamechanics Ltd is an R&D performing SME dedicated in the development of novel algorithms and platforms to solve chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, nanoinformatics, modelling, simulation and medicinal & materials chemistry problems.

The company applies state of the art mathematical techniques, for the interpretation and implementation of validated predictive models to big data analysis, personalized medicine, clinical trials, computer aided drug discovery and material science. The aim is to increase profitability, decrease risk, and reduce experimental cost by conceiving new modelling ideas and devising the simulations needed to test them. NovaMechanics’ custom made in silico models and simulation tools are dedicated to the interpretation of research results and to the design of effective experiments in order to validate them.

What We Do

•    Computer Assisted Drug Design (CADD)
•    In Silico Screening
•    Drug Discovery Project Management
•    Consulting for REACH
•    Contract Resarch Organization (CRO) Management
•    Technology Transfer
•    Modelling toxicity behaviour of engineered Biomaterials
•    Nanoinformatics (nano-QSAR & nanomaterials modelling)
•    ChemInformatics [GR: Χημειοπληροφορική]
•    Development of ready-to-use predictive models (web services etc)
•    Bioinformatics  [GR: Βιοπληροφορική]
•    ADMET
•    Computational Toxicology
•    Systems Biology
•    Image Analysis


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