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Novamechanics Ltd is an in silico drug design company committed to the computer aided design of small molecules for a very wide range of target classes. The company is focused on the development and implementation of in silico methods to guide decisions in the design and selection of promising drug candidates. Through the combination of industry-recognized expertise, state of the art software and proprietary computing infrastructure, the company's  advanced in silico capabilities in molecular design and simulation provide the most effective path to drug innovation. Our mission is to help to bridge the gap between disease targets and optimal quality drug candidates with significantly lower costs and increased potential revenues for our collaborators.

Novamechanics Ltd (SME) is one of the very few Cheminformatics & Bionformatics  companies in Cyprus and Greece committed to the computer aided design of small molecule medicines for the treatment of a variety of diseases such us Apoptosis, AIDS, hepatitis C virus (HCV), Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) etc. 

The driving force for the evolution and expansion of the company will be its close association with the actual practice of  drug discovery in general, and in silico medicinal chemistry in particular. The need for high-quality drug candidates has never been higher, and the pressure to discover those drug candidates is already high, and growing. This presents an important opportunity for the company and in general for the technological development of Cyprus, taking into account that technological progress in this field is based mainly on human knowledge and computational systems and does not require extensive financial investments.



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